The Art of Route Setting

The Art of Route Setting :

At UP, we see route setting as art of form. It is an art of creating body movement. Our climbing wall is our canvas and the handholds are our paints. Our route setting team is a team of artists who aim to inspire, challenge and help you progress as a climber.


We recognize that a quality climbing gym depends almost entirely on one thing – the quality of route setting. As we strive to be the best climbing gym in Thailand, we put significant effort in ensuring that our routes are fun, diverse and safe.

To achieve that, we source our handholds from high quality manufacturers across the world. We have over 10,000 handholds and counting in our inventory, ranging from the limestone ‘Tufas’ from Entre-Prises, the ‘Bootie Call’ volume from HRT and the ‘Baby supreme’ from So-iLL, just to name a few. Our extensive varieties of handholds as well as our diverse climbing terrains allow us to create unique and interesting climbing routes for our climbers.

That is not enough, however we say. We go through extra efforts to constantly change our routes on a weekly basis in order to keep our playground ‘fresh’ and constantly offer new challenges to our climbers. At any given day, we have over 70 routes and 40 boulder problems for you to push your limit on.

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Current Routes:

Current Boulder Problems: