Your First Visit to UP

First time climbing ?

After signing the Waiver form, new beginner climbers have 3 options:
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1. Hire private belay service

This is the quickest and easiest way to discover rock climbing. Our dedicated staff will work with you to ensure a safe and fun experience for you. We recommend booking in advance to ensure staff availability.

2. Bouldering & Auto Belay Device

Climber can try bouldering or top rope climbing with our Auto-belay device without requiring any certification or taking lesson. Bouldering and climbing with Auto-Belay device can also be done alone without relying on partner or staff. That also means it’s free!

3. Introduction to Climbing Course

For all new climbers, we recommend taking our 1-hour Introduction to climbing class to begin their discovery of sport climbing. This class covers all you need to know to start climbing. We offer this class on the hour between 2pm to 7pm on weekdays and 11am to 7pm on weekends. We recommend booking ahead of time. Each class has capacity of up to 4 participants. Participants must be 14 years and older.

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Children under 14 years old require parent or guardian supervision and participation.

For Experienced climbers

  • Top-rope belay certification requires for top rope belaying
  • Lead climbing certification requires for lead climbing and belaying